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The Filthy Lucre Tour
Just married 4th Apr 2006
Flat is rented out

Next Move (the letting agents) have rented out out flat. To three reasonably young blokes, which alarmed us slightly but we actually met them today when they came around to take some measurements and they seemed perfectly nice. Mind you, most young blokes probably seem perfectly nice in these sorts of situations. They were looking for a furnished flat and, of course, while ours is furnished now it won't be furnished when they move in. We felt rather guilty pointing out all the furniture we were taking with us, but at the end of the day I suppose it's rather their fault for renting an unfurnished flat when they don't have any furniture. They're going to do an IKEA run... I suspect they'll end up needing more than they think they do, but I'm trying not to feel guilty about it. We're leaving them the lightshades, some curtains, a bed and a wardrobe. Oh, and the bath/toilet mats. We'll need to buy more in the US, but as I pointed out to Kiki there's a reasonable chance they will not bother buying any at all and just pee on the carpet, so leaving them might be considered an investment.

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