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The Filthy Lucre Tour
This is the map of our trip. The red lines show our journey so far, and the dotted lines show our future route. Move your mouse over a larger dot and you can see the name of the stop and date of our arrival. Click a place on the right to change your view. You can see all our stops under the map. World  Africa  Asia  Australasia  C.America  Caribbean  Europe  India  N.America  S.America  S.East Asia  UK 

Our Stops
13th Oct 2006    Seattle, Washington    USA
24th Sep 2006    Zürich    Switzerland
22nd Sep 2006    Aosta    Italy
20th Sep 2006    Bologna    Italy
20th Sep 2006    Ancona    Italy
19th Sep 2006    Patras, Acha©a    Greece
11th Sep 2006    Athens    Greece
4th Sep 2006    Chania, Chaníon    Greece
26th Jul 2006    Athens, Attikí    Greece
26th Jul 2006    Istanbul, ‰stanbul    Turkey
25th Jul 2006    Beijing, Beijing    China
24th Jul 2006    Urumchi, Xinjiang    China
30th Jun 2006    Kashgar, Xinjiang    China
29th Jun 2006    Beijing, Beijing    China
28th Jun 2006    Istanbul    Turkey
21st Jun 2006    Athens    Greece
20th Jun 2006    Pátra, Ahaia    Greece
19th Jun 2006    Venice    Italy
14th Jun 2006    Pula, Istarska    Croatia
13th Jun 2006    Zagreb, Zagreb, Grad    Croatia
10th Jun 2006    Budapest, Budapest    Hungary
8th Jun 2006    Poprad    Slovakia
5th Jun 2006    Vienna, Wien    Austria
2nd Jun 2006    Radenthein, Kärnten    Austria
30th May 2006    Hallstatt, Oberösterreich    Austria
28th May 2006    Salzburg, Salzburg    Austria
27th May 2006    Bludenz, Vorarlberg    Austria
27th May 2006    Fussen, Bayern    Germany
23rd May 2006    Bludenz, Vorarlberg    Austria
22nd May 2006    Interlaken    Switzerland
22nd May 2006    Zermatt    Switzerland
17th May 2006    Interlaken    Switzerland
17th May 2006    Grindelwald    Switzerland
16th May 2006    Interlaken    Switzerland
15th May 2006    Lungern    Switzerland
15th May 2006    Berne, Bern    Switzerland
14th May 2006    Paris    France
13th May 2006    Reims, Champag    France
13th May 2006    Paris    France
10th May 2006    Lungern    Switzerland
9th May 2006    Feldkirch, Vorarlberg    Austria
9th May 2006    Vaduz    Liechtenstein
6th May 2006    Zürich    Switzerland
5th May 2006    Langres, Champag    France
1st May 2006    Rambouillet    France
30th Apr 2006    Tonbridge, England    United Kingdom
25th Apr 2006    Edinburgh, Midlothian    United Kingdom
21st Apr 2006    Coniston    United Kingdom
19th Apr 2006    Llanberis    United Kingdom
18th Apr 2006    Plymouth, England    United Kingdom
16th Apr 2006    Watchet, Somerset    United Kingdom
13th Apr 2006    Brockenhurst    United Kingdom
10th Apr 2006    London    United Kingdom
9th Apr 2006    Tonbridge    United Kingdom
30th Mar 2006    London    United Kingdom
29th Mar 2006    Edinburgh, Midlothian    United Kingdom
28th Mar 2006    Drumbeg, Highland    United Kingdom
27th Mar 2006    Edinburgh, Midlothian    United Kingdom
26th Mar 2006    Sheffield, Sheffield    United Kingdom
2nd Mar 2006    London    United Kingdom