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The Filthy Lucre Tour
Bill Vader (31st Oct 2006)
May the force be with you
Young Microsoft, the software is strong in you, But you must complete your training.
Green (31st Oct 2006)
The end
It's sad but all fun things end eventually. I'm sure that the USA will bring you plenty to ponder and comment on. Now go to work slacker and remember it's Tomadoes not Tomatoes.
Big love to the Raes from the Greens
Snail (5th Oct 2006)
Being heavy
Oie, scottish. nice write up on yer stag, but you forgot to tell them I'm about (roughly) 14stone heavier than you, but it's ok, cos I know deep down inside you really respect my talents...

Hope you're enjoying the challenge of driving sofas in a str8 line in the grand old oil-guzzling US of A.

ta ta.

The butt what whipped yours, aye.
Argy (22nd Sep 2006)
Well done!
YO! Congatulations on the wedding! I have been reading this since the start and it all sounds fantastic....Hope all is good with you guys and dont forget where you met!! Filia kai stous duo sas....

JR (19th Sep 2006)
Congratulations on your wedding - pictures look fantastic, sorry I couldn't make it there.

Looks much more tame than the stag weekend!! I'm still trying to master corners at speed after the track, but police not keen on it!

Will be looking out for flights to Seattle soon!....
Phineas (19th Sep 2006)
Congratulations on completing the climb, and your marriage. Where does the blog go from here?
Safae (12th Sep 2006)
Beautiful pictures of beautiful wife and husband!! wish you a lot of happiness, I had some details of the wedding day from Ionna's daddy yesterday morning, very "envying"!! a shame I couldn't, still house-hunting...missing you in London...Many hugs!
Penelope Nash (7th Sep 2006)
By the time you read this you will be married, I would imagine... Lots of love and nice things and happiness.
Jason & Helen (2nd Sep 2006)
Have a drink on us
We have sent a round of drinks to you (via Paypal) from all at

We wish you all the best on the 9th.
Karen (31st Aug 2006)
I will never go to China now after reading your Beijing blog. Student art hustlers; how sad.

Happy wedding festivities! Seattle real estate awaits you.