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The Filthy Lucre Tour
Just married 6th Apr 2006
Visa worries

I got a call from Microsoft today telling me that we most certainly shouldn't be moving house until my visa application was approved. It seems that somewhere down the line the movers and MS got crossed wires, and the movers are all set to pack up the house on Monday - but MS won't pay for it. They have a rule that prohibits them paying for anyone's relocation until their visa is approved, which makes sense really. After a few nervous hours MS have agreed that our move should go ahead on Monday, but that if my visa application doesn't go through we will have to reimburse them. I can't imagine it's cheap, but what can I do? We have tenants moving in on Wednesday and there's precious little chance of us organising anything else.

I can't imagine my visa won't be approved (we find out in 15 days, according to the lawyers) but then I'm not wonderfully keen on staking quite so much on it.

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