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The Filthy Lucre Tour
Just married 3rd Apr 2006
Letting down the pikies

Well, so far I've had three real days of unemployment - I'm not counting the ones where I was away trail biking in Scotland, as that was much more like a holiday. I'm only counting the ones where I was in London, Kiki was working and I was being a House Husband without any babies to look after.

I had quite a few things I was hoping to do whilst unemployed, and I've done terribly badly at them. I've completely failed to go to a matinee performance at the cinema - hopefully I'll manage this later in the week. I've failed to drink ANY beer before 6pm, which is frankly embarassing, and even worse I've not watch any daytime TV whatsoever, let alone Trishia. The best I can do is claim to have listened to the same episode of the Archers twice, which is pretty hopeless.

I've embarassed us further by letting down our gipsy side as well. Not only have we not bought a dog on a string or any burnt mattresses, to my complete chagrin the caravan now has a number plate that's exactly the same as the one on the car.

Today I sorted out the MOT and put the SV650 on eBay, then looked further into getting my mail redirected (turns out you need more ID than you do to buy a gun in Wal-Mart) and cashed a couple of cheques. Once again, no beer during the day and no TV. I hang my head.

I'm off to dinner this evening at the Reform Club, courtesy of Steve Hemingway, who mentioned that he was a member after a couple of beers one evening and lived to regret it when I harrangued him until he took us. Maybe I can be a sort of New Pikey?

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