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The Filthy Lucre Tour
Just married 28th Jun 2006
On when there'll be an update

I've been convinced by reading the message board that I have a clamouring crowd of fans.

I'm in Istanbul changing flights - I'm about to travel twice as far as I need to east (to Beijing) and then back again on another flight (to Kashgar). Right now I posess what might be the last internet connection I'll have for a while. I'll write something about the China climb near the end of July, possibly once I'm back in Greece. I have some UBS notepaper and a pen (disappointingly with no minimum temperature rating on it) with me so I'll probably write some notes when I'm there, and either write one large report of the climb or split it into sections.

There's a thing somewhere on this page that says "click here to email me if this site changes" so I'd propose doing that.

And Ed, you are of course correct on the temperature conversion front. I was confused slightly by the fact that the sleeping bag I've borrowed is in fact rated to minus forty in both measures. I'll probably be far too hot.

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