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The Filthy Lucre Tour
Just married 8th Mar 2006

So obviously one of the key things one should sort of whilst getting away from the humdrum monotony of modern society, kicking back your heels and settling down to a simple, humble existence is... erm... work out where you can get an internet connection. Using GPRS will be crackpot expensive and as yet my brother Tony is refusing to defraud T-Mobile out of anything at all, so I think we're going to resort to something that it seems is called WarDriving. This, as I'm sure you know (!), is the act of driving around with a laptop switched on looking for open networks. There are lots of websites about it, and most of them seem to be much more interested in collecting data about where these networks are than really using them much (they typically wire GPSs into the laptop, and log the coordinates of where the open network was). My plan was much more a "laptop beeps, screetch to halt and download email" one.

It seems the most popular WarDriving software for a Windows PC is called NetStumbler - I'm going to install this and perhaps have a try with it at the weekend.

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