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The Filthy Lucre Tour
15th Mar 2006
Caravan purchased!

We've agreed to buy a caravan. It was on eBay and we saw it last weekend - when you buy things you don't understand very much, you tend to buy people as much as you buy items, and Nick and Lila (the current owners) seems nice, straightforward, honest types. After seeing quite a few at dealers, we reckoned that buying from private individuals seemed to give you more of the ancilliary stuff (awnings, alarms, things to transport water around in etc)... the main perk you get from a dealer is a warranty, and given that we'll be out of the country rather shortly, I don't see how useful that would be.

We've gone a bit over budget, but I think we've got something we would be happy to spend a few months living in, which is the main thing...

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Diary Photos
15th Mar 2006


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