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The Filthy Lucre Tour
Just married 10th Apr 2006
Flat packing

Moving house for us has always been a case of hiring a van, stealing some cardboard boxes and getting on with it. Moving house seems to be something of a different business when a corporate is paying for it. Well, hopefully paying for it. Two gentlemen (in suits!) turned up last week to assess how complex our house move was going to be - they explained that pretty much all we have to do is stick labels on the things that aren't being packed. We don't need to put _anything_ into boxes.

And today the movers turned up. It's 12 noon, and already they've got the great majority of the house into boxes, dismantled our sofa, taken our sideboard off the wall (after wrapping and packing all the crockery) and they're in the middle of taking down the bookshelves (which were of course still full of books). Remarkeably efficient. I do think we've packed most of what we actually need with us, but the only thing I'm nervous about is those little piles of things we quite clearly meant to take with us, but hadn't put in the nominated "things we're taking with us" area of the house. I was ambling along this morning when I realised that my wallet was sitting on the sideboard, about to be put into a box. I alerted Kiki, who is now unable to find her house keys...

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