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The Filthy Lucre Tour
Car back
15th May 2006
Conclusion of the car stuff

If you're reading this because you secretly enjoy hearing about other people's misfortune, especially those on holiday, then the final bill was CHF1,417.10. It works out to be something like £630. If you're also interested in what it was that was wrong in a car-person sense, pray read on.

I do have a photograph of the bill but GetJealous appears to scale photographs to just about the point that you can barely see them, so I've no doubt it would be unreadable. It says:

Kühler [radiator] CHF550
Lüfterkupplung CHF310
Thermostat CHF85
Kühlmittel [coolant] CHF36

Arbeit [labour, I think]
There's a breakdown here, but basically the total is CHF336

Then there's some tax and stuff to top it up. The chap tried to explain to me that something else had broken which he thought caused the radiator damage - no doubt this is the Lüfterkupplung. I know nothing about that word other than that I'm intending using it as the name of my band. Any ideas?

It impressed me that the labour cost barely £150, especially that he actually came to visit us on the caravan site and then came out on his bicycle to rescue us when we broke down in the road. I'm also jolly pleased that the breaking-down-in-the-road incident wasn't the car overheating and breaking something major. Oh - and I'm now even more sure that the car didn't overheat when the hose first popped off, because I looked it up in the manual and it's one of the car's Priority One Dings. So, non-moving temperature gauge aside, it would have told me we were overheating if we were.

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Diary Photos
15th May 2006
Car back
They washed it, too

Car back

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