Routine Archive

Parameters:inarr As Variant, Optional delim As String = ","
Description: Return an array as a comma-delimited string. Should work with most types.

Function CommaDelimited(inarr As Variant, Optional delim As String = ",") As String
    ' Chris Rae's VBA Code Archive -
    ' Code written 8/4/00, 13/7/00 by Chris Rae
    Dim outp As String
    Dim thruarr As Integer
    For thruarr = LBound(inarr) To UBound(inarr)
        outp = outp & CStr(inarr(thruarr)) & IIf(thruarr < UBound(inarr), delim, "")
    Next thruarr
    CommaDelimited = outp
End Function

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