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Parameters:ToSort As Variant, Optional SortAscending As Boolean = True
Description: Sort the given array into order. The sort used is "bubble sort" and defaults to ascending.

Sub BubbleSort(ToSort As Variant, Optional SortAscending As Boolean = True)
    ' Chris Rae's VBA Code Archive -
    ' By Chris Rae, 19/5/99. My thanks to
    ' Will Rickards and Roemer Lievaart
    ' for some fixes.
    Dim AnyChanges As Boolean
    Dim BubbleSort As Long
    Dim SwapFH As Variant
        AnyChanges = False
        For BubbleSort = LBound(ToSort) To UBound(ToSort) - 1
            If (ToSort(BubbleSort) > ToSort(BubbleSort + 1) And SortAscending) _
               Or (ToSort(BubbleSort) < ToSort(BubbleSort + 1) And Not SortAscending) Then
                ' These two need to be swapped
                SwapFH = ToSort(BubbleSort)
                ToSort(BubbleSort) = ToSort(BubbleSort + 1)
                ToSort(BubbleSort + 1) = SwapFH
                AnyChanges = True
            End If
        Next BubbleSort
    Loop Until Not AnyChanges
End Sub

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