Routine Archive

Description:Run a search and replace on the whole text of the document including sectioned headers and footers. The routine can easily be altered to perform a different operation.

' Written by Scott Matthewman ( 28/6/99 and slightly altered by Chris Rae.

Option Explicit
Sub RunAllSearchAndReplaces()
    ' Call this routine to perform the complete search and
    ' replace - changed by CLR to use ActiveDocument instead
    ' of a passed Document object for simplicity's sake.
    Dim rgLoop As Word.Range
    Dim secLoop As Word.Section
    Dim hfLoop As Word.HeaderFooter

    For Each rgLoop In ActiveDocument.StoryRanges
        Select Case rgLoop.StoryType
        Case wdEvenPagesFooterStory, wdEvenPagesHeaderStory, _
             wdFirstPageFooterStory, wdFirstPageHeaderStory, _
             wdPrimaryFooterStory, wdPrimaryHeaderStory
        Case Else
            RunSRthroughRange rgLoop
            Do Until (rgLoop.NextStoryRange Is Nothing)
                Set rgLoop = rgLoop.NextStoryRange
                RunSRthroughRange rgLoop
        End Select
    Next rgLoop

    For Each secLoop In ActiveDocument.Sections
        For Each hfLoop In secLoop.Headers
            RunSRthroughRange hfLoop.Range
        Next hfLoop
        For Each hfLoop In secLoop.Footers
            RunSRthroughRange hfLoop.Range
        Next hfLoop
    Next secLoop
End Sub
Private Sub RunSRthroughRange(DoTo As Range)
    ' This routine performs the actual search and replace -
    ' any other operation can of course be performed on the range.
    DoTo.Find.Execute FindText:="hi", ReplaceWith:="hello", Replace:=wdReplaceAll
End Sub

You're free to use these routines for anything you want - all I ask is that for commercial use you give me credit somewhere. You may instead want to head back to the index for my Visual Basic for Applications Pages or the main routines archive page.