My Half-Decent Photographs

In a hapless attempt to justify buying a digital camera, I decided I'd put some of my better photographic efforts onto my web page. Any feedback would be warmly welcomed - I am new to this photography lark so, whilst they are the finest I've taken, be warned that the great majority of these aren't any good.

If you like any of these, you can do whatever you fancy with them on two conditions. First, please do leave the little copyright message on the bottom. It might make me famous. Secondly, please let me know - it'd be great to know that someone had actually used them for something.

You might also want to see my Time-Lapse Fims - not very talented so far but hey, every artist has to start somewhere.

The Nürburgring, April 2001
Although not a stunning photograph, this is one of my better panoramic efforts and, I think, shows quite well how the circuit snakes through the surrounding countryside.

Docklands Light Railway, June 2001
This was one of the photos I took once I discovered that the camera extends the exposure if you keep the flash off in the dark. The fact that I was holding the camera in my hand unfortunately blurred the photo more than I was hoping and the fact that I was not inconsiderably drunk didn't help matters.
Limehouse, July 2001
Another one on the way home from the pub and whilst feeling unusually creative. Unfortunately I didn't realise at the time that it was a good 'un and so the resolution is only 640x480.
Somewhere Rural, August 2001
Taken whilst away GeoCaching with a colleague. The pastime involves traipsing around the country looking for caches hidden by other participants and locatable via a GPS and some written clues. I did take a lot of other photos at this excellent site but as I didn't have a tripod and the light was reasonably bad, most of them were quite blurred. This one is too, if you look at it carefully, so please don't.
Bosigran, August 2001
Having sort of fallen into membership of a climbing club in London, Dan Lear (the dashing young gent in this picture) made me actually go and do some climbing at Land's End. The cleanness of the sea came out very well but I left the subject in the dark and failed to give any impression of the enormous drop below us.
Burning Man, September 2001
I took a great deal of shots at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada Desert but most of them ended up a bit directionless. This was one of the better efforts; I think it portrays quite nicely the desert weather, the dust and the general lackadaisical attitude of the festival itself. You, however, may think it does nothing of the sort.
Limehouse, October 2001
I had for a while an intention to take several photographs directly up into the air or directly down to the ground and see if they "worked". Generally they didn't, but this was one of the better ones. It was taken on the way to work; I did wander around for a bit trying to make the clouds look more symmetrical and eventually settled on this.
Moorgate, October 2001
I took this one on the way home from work in Moorgate tube station. I sat the camera down on the handrail and waited for someone to walk past me. I quite like the "corporate" effect it ended up with and the sense that the viewer was moving down the escalator, rather than stationary.
Battersea Park Fireworks, November 2001
This was the first time I'd gone to an event armed with a tripod, and I was very pleased with the results. I watched almost the whole event through the viewfinder and took fifty photos, of which a couple were reasonable. I messed around a lot with the exposure, as can be seen from this shot of a bonfire. I liked this one primarily because of the way the fire seems to consume the sky.
Loch Nagar, January 2003
At the end of a very long day hiking, tried and failed to capture the stunning sunset that appeared over Loch Nagar and our conquest, Broad Cairn (the far right small bump in the middle). I took a few shots with the camera (Kodak DC260) rested on a stone I'd paddled over to. Despite (or maybe because of) auto-everything on the camera, this one came out by far the best, and I resisted the urge to fix the contrast.

Well, that's it so far. As you can doubtless tell I'm very new to this photography lark so I would heartily welcome any criticisms or comments. From here you may want to return to My Homepage, although for the life of me I can't imagine why.