Breidscheid Revisited - May 2002 Trip

OK, umm, this report is fantastically short I'm afraid. I found the notes on my computer 2 years after the event, so here they are, with anything I remember subsequently in square brackets:

  • planning: M crashing car [as I crashed his last time, I suspect he was intending crashing my car this time]
  • friday: MOT panic, first scooby seen with ring sticker [dunno what the MOT panic was]
  • saturday: rain, hendry kiss-of-death on porsche, sabine (wobble bridge before QH, "wet lines"), beer at sabine's, chris' lap in euan's car [I think Euan was in another Ringer's car when the chap crashed; we took a passenger lap in the Ring Taxi which was entertaining] sunday: snow, laptime bet, beer spill, martin's breakdown (waiting for marcroft) [OK, erm, I guess it snowed. I think the laptime bet was about who could estimate closest to the lap times Marcroft and I were getting in the hire car, which I think were about 13 mins. No idea about the beer spill]
  • monday:
  • all: steve sitting in grunne holle [who?]
OK, so the trip report is a bit weak. I, erm, also can't find any photos from it. What do you expect for free?