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Opened in 1927 after two years' development as part of a work-creation programme, the north loop (Nordschleife) of the Nürburgring provides 20.8km (13 miles) of incredible driving and breathtaking scenery through the Eifel mountains in Northwest Germany. After nearly half a century of Grand Prix, it was closed in 1976 after Nikki Lauda crashed badly on a sweeping bend just before Bergwerk. Motorsport's loss, however, became the public's gain. The circuit was opened as a one-way Autobahn toll road and the hoi polloi were let loose.

To drive on the Nordschleife, you need to have a road-legal car and a lap ticket. You can buy these (well, not the car) at the circuit; if you are thinking of doing a large number of laps then it's well worth buying a season-ticket. There is a 95db noise limit (lower than most UK circuits) and the marshals at the circuit do test cars at the starting gate.

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